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HR Compliance

Taking the worry out of the ever changing landscape of do’s and don’ts of employment regulations. Allow Vanguard Results to simplify what’s necessary for your business, and get you back to what you do best.


Forms and Policy Creation

Creating the policies that reflect your personality and set the tone for your business. Allow Vanguard Results to mitigate the risk with the proper paperwork in place and create the handbook, benefits and job descriptions that makes your business unique.


Management Training

Let Vanguard Results help you take that next step in training managers/supervisors with the knowledge they need to protect your business, and become the leaders you want to elevate performance from top to bottom.

Vanguard Blog

The Art of the PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)

The performance improvement plan is an important tool for any manager in any company, but it’s often misunderstood. Is a PIP a form of disciplinary action? Yes, somewhat. Is it the form you fill out because you eventually want to terminate someone? No. A performance...

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The Value of Incremental Goals for Employees and Business

Today’s workforce can include up to five generations: traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X, millennials (aka generation Y), and generation Z. It comes as no surprise that those generations may have different work styles and be motivated by different things....

What Matters Most in Employee Evaluations

Every company regardless of size should have an evaluation process for employees. There’s no single best practice for how to conduct evaluations, but they are a critical part of employee communication and company growth. It’s important to first know your company...

Setting Up New Hires for Success

Congratulations, you’ve hired a new employee! You conducted a job analysis, created the right job description, eliminated some trolls early in the process, and found a great candidate because you identified the why during the interview. But the hard work of successful...

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